Sunday, November 11, 2007

Since 1962 - Sam the Swatter

The flyswatter introduced has been good companion to my grandfather for a few decades. From my early years i remember my grandfather running with this around the house and crushing the poor bastards and their little bug-bodies.

Actually even my mother remembers this scene vividly in her head, since the flyswatter is nearly the same age age my mother. The flyswatter is made from bamboo stick from Caucasia and the leather part is from Estonia.

The crushing and slashing can continue for another 45 years since the tool comes still in handy and is as nimble as always.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Todays topic: Grandpa is helping our readers

Few times ago : in March 23, 2006 we wrote about the coat hanger Hanky. In the story's comment, one of our readers asked in Estonian language something like this:
"Me problemo", "Me have broken thermos", "Me want to fix it and take my liver-sauce with me into my work".

With few months (from 2006 March till 2007 July) thinking my grandpa came out with totally acceptable solution and we recommend this solution to all our readers and our best partners only.

Since there was some problems with translation to my grandpa, this thermos repairement is probably unable to fix ALL thermos problems but certainly will fix some.

Now our reader TD can safely transfer his liver-sausage to his workplace with no additional spillage.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The thing of beauty. A decent footwear for any occasion - parties, clubs, home environment, saunas. It has both the characteristics of socks and slippers : warm, comfortable, weather-proof. Because grandfather likes to run fast and by running fast the slippers tend to get lost, he uses rubber-bands to keep them with him.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ye olde coffeepot

Since the coffee and it's magical influence on people was discovered a few years ago, the number of people (ab)using it has grown rapidly. No wonder my grandfather wants also to be one of the cool youngsters out there using and drinking coffee and getting loaded of heavy amount of coffein running in blood vessels. Since he was probably one of the first early adopters to drink the coffee on free time, he has done many pot's of that stuff. Look, even the coffee machines pot tells the story of frequent (ab)use!!! And it is only natural that this severe utilization has left the pot some stigmas. BUT - It's still in use!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Glasses of prediction

Long time no see?

Take a look at these glasses my grandfather uses. And yes, he still can see through them. He has done a lot of work on them, because the lenses kept falling off. Now he can see, watch and look all the noticeable and unnoticeable things in the world there is to see.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Slippy Slippers of Seven-League

I had these slippers, my mom used these slippers, then my brother used these slippers. We didn't feel so connected with them so we decided not to wore them.
For a long they were in a dark basement, used as a playground for small rodents and cellarbugs.

Then a miracle happened for them. Grandpa found them and thought they had great capabilities in satisfing his needs. He has done a lot of repairing and needlework on them. And now when he walks with them he appears to fly, as Alladin did with a carpet. So smoothly he moves.
Unfortunately grandpa's left foot isn't functioning as it should because it is tired and old. And when moving fast, grandpa tended to lose a slipper. To prevent it he sewed a rubberband to hold the Slippy Slipper firmly on his leg.

Now he can fly again.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Toilet Duck

The formula
Grandpa is very economical dude.
Also he is very modern man.
and what you get?
=yes, A Modern Ecological Toilet

Grandpa never likes wasting things when you can save them. Therefore he admired my toilet that had an ability to flush with full tank or by measure you think is appropriate.

Grandfather didn't have that kind of toilet. Only the one with the ability to flush with the whole watertank. Therefore he decided he should do something about it.

Now he has A Modern Ecological Water-Saving Toilet called Toilet Duck, with pretty neat interface made by grandpa.